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Cysts or sebaceous cysts are benign, which means that they are non-cancerous and therefore not a risk in medical terms. However, that meanas that unfortunately, cyst removal is now rarely available via the NHS. Cysts can appear anywhere but are quite common on the face, neck, scalp or body. They don’t usually hurt but can get in the way and certainly look odd, causing aesthetic concern and embarrassment.

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Before and after photos

Cyst removal surgery

Cyst removal surgery

Before and after cyst removal scalp

Before and after cyst removal scalp

sebacesous cyst removal before and after

Cyst removal from the forehead, leaving minimal scar even straight after surgery

sebaceous cyst abdomen

Sebaceous cyst abdomen surgery

Before and after eyebrow cyst removal

Before and after eyebrow cyst removal

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Cyst Removal Prices/Costs

The cost of cyst removal is totally inclusive of local anaesthetic, dressings and any follow-up required.

TreatmentSurgery Cost
Simple cyst from £500
Larger cystsfrom £750

Prices above are a guide to the costs and the exact price can only be determined once the doctor has examined the mole and advice given as to the best way of removal. Larger and more complex cysts are likely to incur a higher fee. The price is confirmed at consultation with one of Cosmedics’ experienced doctors.

* We may advise patients to have their cysts sent for histology / testing. We charge the lowest prices possible for histology as we realise patients often feel it is not required, but occasionally rare or suspicious things are detected early on in lesions that can look normal, which is why this is good practice. The doctor will clarify this at the consultation.

To get an idea of the cost, patients can choose to send a photograph of their cyst to and we will ask a Doctor to give an opinion. However, this does not replace a face to face consultation.

Doctor Consultation

We charge £50 for a consultation with one of our experienced doctors. Prices for treatments carried out in the same appointment as the consultation will include the £50 consultation fee (note: same day procedures are only undertaken where the procedure is deemed appropriate to do so AND the patient understands the full extent of the costs, risks and potential side effects and is consenting to proceed on that knowledge).

Treatment Information

Cyst Removal from the Face

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Patients are often reluctant to have cysts removed until they get to a size where they are visible or causing annoyance, due to concerns about scarring.

At Cosmedics Skin Clinics, we remove facial cysts using techniques that seek to minimise the visible scarring. This we often do through a micro-excision, so the cyst is removed almost from the inside through a tiny little hole which only normally requires one or two stitches. This has far reaching benefits. Not only is the incision much smaller and the scarring is as a result much less, but also the risk of infection and wound healing is far superior.

Cyst Removal on the Body

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Cysts are commonly found on the body, neck and scalp and typically increase in size as we get older. There is no obvious known cause for these cysts; however they are thought to come about from in-growing hairs.

Treatments in the past often involved larger surgical excisions. However, with modern surgical technologies, cysts can be removed through a micro-incision, leaving only a small scar as wtih facial cyst removal.


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Patients will be given the appropriate advice on how to care for their wound and minimise scarring. This will be explained at the consultation to ensure that patients are making a fully informed decision about their treatment. A full understanding of aftercare is also important to enable patients to choose appropriate timing to fit in with events or holidays.

Depending on the procedure and whether stitches/dressings are required, there may be a follow-up appointment about a week later. This second appointment is included in the cost of cyst removal.

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