How Weight Loss Can Make You Look Older

runners faceAs highlighted by a recent feature in The Times, weight loss can actually make a person look older. (Full article at:

Clearly, this isn’t an excuse to eat more and exercise less… For anybody carrying excess, losing weight has a range of health benefits and a healthy lifestyle has far more positive benefits than possible downsides.

However, as The Times explains:

Reach a certain age and there comes a tipping point with weight loss that begins to make you wonder if it’s all worthwhile.

Losing weight in the face, especially after the age of 30/40, can make the features look older. With dramatic weight loss, the facial features can become gaunt rather than toned. Skin can sag, eyes and cheeks can look hollow.

Gym Face or Runner’s Face

The phenomenon of premature facial ageing among those who work out is so recognisable that it has a series of self-explanatory names.

The loss of facial fat combined with the natural slackening of facial muscles which occurs with age exposes harsher lines. The youthful V profile of a defined chin can become a squarer and looser shape as jowls start to appear. The loss of volume in the mid-face and especially the cheek area is a specific issue.

Facial Treatments

Fortunately, cosmetic treatments offer a series of options for helping those whose faces seem to be prematurely aged due to exercise.

Dermal Fillers

The most popular option and that highlighted in The Times is dermal fillers.

Cosmetic surgeons say there is no sign of a lull in the rapidly soaring popularity of so-called non-surgical procedures among the 40-plus brigade.

The most popular are dermal fillers designed to fill any deep crevices in the skin and increase lost volume, used alongside Botox to iron out the wrinkles that accompany facial fat loss.

Fillers are a good option for replacing facial volume and advances in the products available have brought new choices for consumers which are more suitable for the larger areas of the mid-face with longer lasting results, such as Juvéderm® VOLUMA®.

The Times also mentions Sculptra collagen boosting injections as an option.

Facial Toning

Another approach which can be very helpful alongside the use of injections is to tackle the muscle structure within the face, improving the tone of the muscles for a tighter and younger look. CACI Ultimate treatment uses micro-current technology as well as infrared and microdermabrasion to carry out a host of facial rejuvenation treatments. The latest addition is the jowl-lift which specifically tackles loose and saggy skin for a more defined chin and jawline area. This is ideal for those whose workouts have caused facial issues, as it tones and lifts the area very effectively.

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