For plantar warts (verruca), acid creams from the chemist are the first step. If this does not work then our doctors can offer to freeze or laser them off.

Facial warts more commonly occur in men around the chin and mouth area as warts flare up due to shaving. The best treatment is laser surgery.

For finger and hand warts which are common in adults as well as children, treatments include acid remedies from the chemist alongside paring down and covering in duct tape. A quicker option is freezing and/or laser surgery.

Professional wart and skin tag removal are extremely effective. There are 3 options used by Cosmedics, depending on the problem.

**We may advise patients to have their skin lesions sent for histology/testing. We charge the lowest prices possible for histology as we realise patients often feel it is not required, but occasionally rare or suspicious things are detected early on in lesions that can look normal, which is why this is good practice. We make no financial gain from this service.

Any test results or correspondence will be sent to your email account via an encrypted system called Egress. Should this not be preferable, please let us know at your appointment.

Doctor consultations are £50 with one of our highly experienced team.

Prices for treatments carried out in the same appointment as the consultation will include the £50 consultation fee (note: same-day procedures are only undertaken where the procedure is deemed appropriate to do so AND the patient understands the full extent of the costs, risks and potential side effects and is consenting to proceed on that knowledge).

The best treatments for warts depend on the wart and its position on the body.

Treat them early and properly. Simple measures are effective but need to be done regularly and often for 4- 6 weeks. We would recommend the following self help or home treatment:

In some cases yes but this can take up to 18 months before the virus burns itself out. Unfortunately, if they don’t the wart can have grown quite large and thick which means it will be difficult to remove.

Mostly just bad luck and the key is to treat them early before they get ‘roots’ and become very ingrown. In the genital area warts are often sexually transmitted.

Warts are commonly transmitted from person to person as they are a Human papilloma virus and easily spread via contact. Often you will pick up the virus and not know it and then the wart will appear at a later stage. It is very common.