“I was embarrassed and it took a while to call but I am so glad I did as the doctor removed all the warts in one go. It took a few days to heal after the laser treatment but just happy not to have them any longer.”

Mike B. London

“I tried a cream over the internet that burned the skin around the wart but did not remove it depsite using it for weeks. Wish I had just seen a professional in the first place and after trawling the internet found Cosmedics whose doctors all do freezing, laser and surgery for warts. Mine required a bit of everthing but all done in one visit and they have not come back thank god.”

Aiden M. Surrey

“Wish I had done it sooner as got so worked up about it. The treatment involved a laser or some machine that simply burnt the wart off there and then. You can see it vanish and just left a small scab that healed in few days.”

Kim B. Berkshire

Most people don’t even know when they contracted the virus that causes genital warts (HPV), as the warts can take years to show on the penis or vaginal areas. Therefore it is important not to suddenly accuse your partner of being non exclusive as it is more than likely it was caught from a earlier partner without realising it.

In men, genital warts can appear on the penis, scrotum, testicles, anus, groin and thighs.

In women, genital warts appear inside and outside of the vagina and inner thighs. They can also appear on the anal region, growing in and outside of the anus.

Genital warts are caused by human papilloma virus (HPV). However, you cannot rely on the visual presence of genital warts to determine if someone is infected with HPV. In some cases, genital warts never appear or can appear years after contracting the virus.

Pictures of genital vaginal warts for women

vaginal genital warts inside
Women commonly get warts on the outer labia or around the inner thigh areas. Occasionally they can also be at the entrance to the vagina. They often feel rough and small little lumps that are hard to see and only obvious when form clusters. These can be treated easily but need to be before they spread.

Vaginal warts on the inside of labia

vaginal genital warts outside

Vaginal genital warts picture showing the warts on the outside

penile warts in detailpenile warts men

For men the commonest place for genital warts is on the shaft of the penis or on the head itself. Both are easily treated and should be before they spread as they are highly contagious. Warts are often rough and almost cauliflower like in appearance and stick out. They can be in clusters or individual.

Fordyce Spots

Fordyce Spots

Fordyce spots are common and normal for the skin of the penis. They are NOT wart conditions and dont need treating but if in doubt check with a doctor.

Pearly Papules

Pearly Papules

These are pearly papules and again harmless but if in doubt please check as if misdiagnosed can be a problem later on.