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Patients often experience some redness afterwards from a few days to 1-2 weeks according to how many veins are needed to be treated and those with fairer skin types typically take a bit longer to recover.

Lots of moisturising is advised afterwards and application of sunblock is vital to protect the skin after the treatment.

No it is classed as a cosmetic treatment and therefore not covered on the NHS.

You may experience some redness or flushing after treatment. This usually settles in a day or two.

Rarely some pigmentation can be left in the treatment area, but again this usually settles and is generally far less noticeable than the veins were.

In most cases ‘yes’.

The thread veins would be banished, revealing clearer-looking skin.

Removing visible facial spider or thread veins is now virtually painless with the latest laser treatments.

Treatment costs start at £350, but this would be confirmed at your consultation with the doctor.

In some cases, more than one session is required to get long lasting results. Sometimes a maintenance session is required after a few years, as the natural skin effects means that they can recur or new veins appear in the long term.

The doctor will be able to assess your requirements and give guidance at the initial consultation.

The treatment is ideal for patients that are troubled by unsightly or embarrassing spider veins or thread veins on the face. These may appear as blotches, small veins or a complex network of veins.

The causes of thread veins vary, but they are most commonly a result of family history, smoking or sun exposure. For the broken, red spider veins on the face and particularly the nose we use a cautery laser to remove the redness.