Yes, you’ll need to keep the area very clean while avoiding risk of damaging the wound. We will recommend suitable products and regimes.

We recommend wearing glasses (spectacles) for 2 weeks to avoid any undue pulling on the eye area or risk of infection

 We request no exercise for the first 1-2 weeks, to enable swelling and bruising to subside

Most patients will take a few days off to avoid being seen with stitches and swelling/bruising – but you don’t have to

 Patients can expect swelling for 3-5 days and bruising 7-10 days. Cold compresses and ice packs can be helpful in handling this

We advise patients to expect mild discomfort for around 3-5 days. This is normally manageable with standard painkillers

 Yes, this procedure does require stitches to close the wound where the skin has been removed. These will be removed  5-7 days later in our clinics at no additional cost