We recommend not doing strenuous exercise, going in a spa/sauna or drinking alcohol for the first 24-48 hours.

Face lift surgery can indeed be very effective, but it does have some disadvantages

A non-surgical face lift is far easier to fit into your schedule, creates a natural look which can be modified over time and costs a lot less. The downside is that as excess loose skin isn’t removed, there is not the dramatic difference as with a surgical face lift and the potential with very loose skin is limited. However, it is a practical alternative to surgery which gives a flattering and natural result.

We advise the 8-point face lift as an option whenever you start to notice sagging or looseness in the face, which is known as ‘skin laxity’. This is generally from the age of around 35, although it does vary.

The results will be immediate – you’ll see in a mirror that the skin is smoother, fresher-looking and more youthful.

The full results won’t be visible for a couple of days, as you will initially also have some red marks where the injections were delivered and may expect some localised swelling.

Once any swelling has subsided the results will be effective yet very natural-looking.

Absolutely – that is one of they key benefits of this approach. More injections can be carried out for a fuller effect or to replenish the filler as results start to wear off. The temporary nature of this procedure means that it can be modified each time to suit the patient’s requirements as the ageing process continues.

Results will vary depending on the individual. We tend to expect 12-18 months and up to 2 years before the fillers have completely dissipated.

There are lots of different types of filler available, but we use the long-lasting Juvederm VOLUMA, which has an excellent safety rating and long-lasting results. The filler is soft and pliant, excellent for larger areas and multiple injection points.

Essentially yes, the 8-point face lift may also be referred to as: