Enhance Your Lips – Carefully!

When considering lip enhancements it can be too easy to remember all of the disasters caused by overdoing the treatments, or allergic reactions. The best way to approach lip enhancement, or indeed most cosmetic procedures, is to try to subtly enhance your appearance, rather than to change it radically.  For fuller, natural looking lips, the use of soft natural dermal fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm are used.

What can Lip Enhancement do for Me?

The most obvious change following a lip enhancement procedure will be the appearance of fuller upper lips, creating a more sensuous smile.  Lip enhancement is also commonly used to remove lines around the lips, which are commonly referred to as “smokers’ lines”. Treatment is usually carried out by injecting a gel (such as Juvederm) into the lip, with the use of a local anaesthetic, minimising any pain felt in the process.  The dermal filler gel will dissolve fully after between four and six months, returning your lips back to the way they were before the enhancement.

Avoiding the Trout Pout

The best lip enhancements are the ones where there is only a subtle difference between the “before” and “after” lips.  Nobody wants to look like they have been stung by a whole nest of wasps, so it is always best to be conservative whilst carrying out these procedures.  There is always a chance of a little swelling after the procedure, which should calm down after around 12 hours, but a cold compress should help.  In rare cases, a little bruising may appear around the lips, which may last for a couple of weeks.

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