Dr Ross Perry Featured in Now Magazine – April 11th

Our medical director Dr Ross Perry has recently been advocated as Now magazine skin specialist with his experience in skin cancer screening and expert mole removal techniques. In this article he outlines the simply basics to help everyone detect skin cancer early with some simple basic guidelines and dispelling common myths that patients often believe in related to this area of dermatology.

Melanoma can be lethal and affect anyone but in most cases its treatable if caught early. Dr Ross states that “Excessive sun exposure is a risk factor, but so is having fair skin, more than 50 moles or a family history of the disease”

The most common places for melanoma in women are the legs but always check your entire body for changing or new moles every three months, flat brown sports are often mistaken for freckles.

Dr Ross also says “Follow the ABCDE rule, watch out for; Asymmetry, Border, the Colour (darker than other moles or black), Diameter (bigger than the blunt end of a pencil) and if it’s evolving (looks or feels different than normal).

The most important advice is to consult your GP if you have any concerns or go to Dr Ross Perry’s specialist site Mole-Removal.co.uk info-site which has additional information on what to look out for. Mole-Removal.co.uk is a division of Cosmedics Skin Clinics.