Dermatologist Warning: Nodular Melanoma

mole checkDermatologists have warned about a particularly aggressive melanoma, known as ‘nodular melanoma’.

These only make up 15% of melanoma cases, yet account for 43% of melanoma deaths. They are six times more likely to lead to death and are responsible for 100s of deaths a year in Australia.

Their distinguishing features are:

  • firm to touch – not soft like a pimple or mole
  • can look harmless – like a red lump rather than an ugly dark mole
  • grow 4x the rate of other melanomas
Diagnosis is a problem as they are often mistaken for harmless lesions. In fact, only 41% of nodolar melanomas are suspected at the time of removal.

Associate Professor John Kelly spoke at the Australasian College of Dermatologists in Melbourne, explaining that health professionals are not aware of what to look for:

The patient is often told there is nothing to worry about.

If it has been present for more than a month and grows bigger and bigger, it needs urgent removal.

But we don’t want to cause hysteria about every red nodule that people can get. Something that has been stable for more than a year is not going to be a worry. And something that has been present for only days or weeks is probably also not a worry.

Mole Checks

Brits are generally advised to check regularly for any suspicious moles. Anything unusual or concerning should be raised with a GP as early as possible and moles should be urgently removed on the NHS.

Cosmetic mole removal is normally not available, so if the mole is deemed to be safe, then private mole removal is often the only available course of action. Cosmedics Skin Clinics offer private mole removal in London and Bristol. Led by Dr Ross Perry , their team of doctors use the latest laser mole removal methods with laser as well as a variety of surgical techniques.

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