Cosmetics Business: Korean Glass Skin

Cosmetics Business explores the latest beauty concept to hit the headlines – Korean Glass Skin – in its feature: 

“Glass skin: Is the new South Korean beauty fad all it’s cracked up to be?”

The feature explains the background to the ‘glass skin’ phenmomenon:

“Glass skin, the latest Korean beauty trend to have gone viral, was first picked up by international press when US-based make-up artist Ellie Choi posted on Twitter how she achieved seemingly flawless skin, akin to a pane of glass.

“Choi’s selfies and step-by-step guide explained how to attain an intensely hydrated complexion with an all over sheen for a youthful glow. Consumers were quick to try it for themselves – with brands not far behind.

“But rather than a new trend in its own right, some industry experts have called glass skin a Western interpretation of a pre-existing Korean skin care practice.”

The Korean ‘glass skin’ trend epitomises perfection – super smooth and clear skin

  • Blemish-free
  • No visible pores, veins or unevenness
  • Intensely hydrated with a dewy translucency for an incredibly youthful glow.

Cosmetics Business asked Dr Ross Perry for his expert view on glass skin. He said:

“This is no overnight fix, more something to strive for through a combination of good skincare, sensible diet/hydration and carefully chosen skin treatments.

“You’ll need to drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol, sugar and caffeine. In addition, daily serums and/or creams are key to retaining skin hydration.

“Regular exfoliation is key – this is used to slough away dead skin and promote smoother, more even texture.

korean glass skin expert opinion

Dr Ross Perry says that the latest skin treatments could offer a potential ‘secret weapon’ for those trying to pursue ‘glass skin’, saying:

Laser is a great treatment for tackling blemishes and veins for a more even skin tone.

“Choose a reputable skin clinic with well trained staff and an advanced laser system.”

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