Cosmedics New Putney Clinic Introduces New Laser Technology with Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal sopranoSpecialist skin treatments company, Cosmedics, has launched a new range of laser treatments in its new clinic in the heart of Putney, including “pain-free” laser hair removal and also laser skin tightening to turn back the clock on the signs of ageing.

As an independent skin clinic offering cosmetic and medical procedures, Cosmedics are renowned for a unique approach to skincare, combining cosmetic treatments with medicine for outstanding results.  An expanding company, Cosmedics add new treatments for their patients on a regular basis.  However, the addition of laser technology has been very carefully considered by Medical Director, Dr Ross Perry; who spent many months choosing the right technology.

We all know how irritating it is to repeatedly shave and wax, or smother ourselves in ‘miracle’ hair-removal creams. Or perhaps you prefer epilation… ouch!  And it doesn’t even last – one day you’re hair-free; the next you’re back to square one.  Men and women everywhere need a permanent and long-term hair reduction and laser hair removal is a very popular option.  However, not all laser hair removal systems are the same, and experience of the treatment and its results can vary widely.

At Cosmedics, gold-standard laser technology with the Soprano XL system means that treatment is genuinely painless, but is also highly efficient. The diode laser wavelength 810 is revolutionary, because it marks an end to the need for any anaesthesia, pre-treatment cooling or numbing gels. The Sapphire DualChill tip means that patients feel nothing as the laser is used.  What’s more, with IN-Motion technology the process is fast: for hair removal, the laser works on a 12×10 mm spot and is used with a sweeping motion, unlike IPL which tends to work by blasting a spot area at a time; and its 10 Hz repetition rate means any given course will be over before you know it.

After just one treatment patients will definitely notice the difference. Compared to other laser systems (IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light machines in particular) the laser machine can be used by all hair and skin types so that everyone can be hair-free.

Dr Ross Perry, MBBS ; Cosmetic Consultant and Medical Director at Cosmedics Skin Clinics said:

“Laser treatment for permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation is something that our patients have requested and we have spent a lot of time choosing the right technology for the best possible permanent hair removal results.”

“’The Soprano Laser Machine is undoubtedly the patients’ favourite… we even see patients from other beauty and laser clinics switching to us for their treatments. It really does not hurt or cause any burns, and can even be used on patients who have a tan or very light hair. The revolutionary sweeping pattern of laser diode means it’s also a quick treatment that doesn’t miss any patches.”

“So far, the most popular areas for treatment are the underarm, bikini, legs and face for female patients, whilst men favour the back, shoulders and chest.  In fact, for those that have previously had their backs lasered or waxed, the reviews have been amazing – whereas before treatment was quite painful, with our technology the men report that it’s more like a warm stone massage”

“Laser hair removal is also very effective for ‘problem hair’ issues, blitzing ingrowing hairs or tackling excessively hairy male backs or female top lips with very effective results.”

However, laser hair removal is only half the story.  The machine can also be used for laser skin tightening, a treatment which is revolutionising anti-ageing treatments.  The laser beam works deep within the skin to stimulate regeneration for instantly tighter, firmer skin that carries on getting better after treatment.

Dr Perry went on to explain “We purchased the machine initially for laser hair removal.  However, we have been so impressed by the results of the skin tightening treatment that we have decided to launch it straightaway, ready for 2012, and are already seeing great results from those patients who have tried it.”

Laser hair removal and laser skin tightening is exclusively available at Cosmedics’ new Putney clinic, just off the high street at 4 Disraeli Road, Putney, London, SW15 2DS.  The clinic also offers popular cosmetic treatments such as fillers and anti-wrinkle injections, as well as mole removal and skin tag removal.

Cosmedics has 5 Skin Clinics in London plus one in Bristol and has plans for further expansion in the future.

Call 020 7386 0464 for an appointment. for further information.

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