Hairy moles develop when the mole contains hair follicles, so the hair pushes through the darker pigmentation.

Raised moles can be quite problematic for our patients, causing a number of problems.

Cysts and lipomas are lumps that appear in the skin. Lipoma tend to be larger than cysts and are filled with fat, whereas cysts are filled with liquid or semi-solid matter.

Warts are rough and bumpy growths of skin caused by the human papilloma wart virus (HPV virus).

Skin tags are tiny areas of skin that have created a loose piece of tissue that protrudes from the surface.

Moles are collections of pigmented skin cells called melanocytes that grow in a cluster. They can be skin coloured or brown or occasionally darker. They can be either flat or raised depending on the type of mole and can appear on the body or face.

Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excessive sweating; a common condition where a person sweats abnormally, even when they are not overly hot, stressed or exercising.