Botox® Warning – Don’t Use Just Anyone

botox injectionIf you’re wanting to rid yourself of crows feet and wrinkles and are desperate to look a little more youthful, then perhaps you have considered Botox®.  Perhaps you are already a regular user.

However, if you do decide to go for it, do take some time to choose a doctor who has trained and specialises in Botox®.

Botox® is an impressive wrinkle treatment, and one that can provide almost instant, noticeable results. However, its anti-ageing effects can only be as good as the person carrying out the treatment. With hundreds of thousands of men and women said to have followed the Botox® trend to date, spending over £200 for the treatment each time, it’s important to seek out a practitioner who not only knows exactly what they are doing, but someone who has carried out the procedure many times before, and has returning, happy patients who look youthful yet natural.

With many people all over the world becoming regular users of Botox® every day, in an attempt to look how they did ten or so years ago, it’s a treatment more and more people undertake every day, as a result of becoming increasingly conscious of how they look. Ranging in price from £220 upwards, depending on how many areas of the face are treated, it’s an affordable treatment that is known for being successful.

Cosmedics is a cosmetic skin clinic, based in several different locations in London and Bristol.

Dr Ross Perry and his team at Cosmedics pride themselves on not only delivering a high level of service to their patients, but in delivering a high level of quality treatment too with special techniques and equipment developed over years of practice.

All of the doctors who work for Cosmedics are trained to exacting standards, as well as being personally mentored by the clinics owner, Dr Ross Perry himself. As a result, every Botox® doctor at Cosmedics pries themselves on creating a natural look for their patients, as opposed to the frozen look that unfortunately isn’t as rare to spot as it should be. Spend your money wisely and choose a qualified doctor from Cosmedics; you won’t look back.

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