Botox Licensed for Migraine Treatment

newsFinally, Botox is being recognised in the UK as the wonder treatment that it is. Not just for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, however, and not even for relieving Hyperhidrosis. No, Botox is now treating migraines. After being approved by the FDA in the US earlier this year, Botox injections are now being used to treat headaches in the UK. 

The approval of Botox as a preventive treatment comes after lengthy trials and tests. In a recent study, as medics expected, over 1,300 patients responded successfully to the treatment, which relieved pain and general migraine symptoms.

However, the MHRA – medicines and healthcare products regulatory agency – have laid out stipulations as to who is eligible for the treatment.

  • Generally, Botox will only be prescribed if the patient suffers from headaches for at least two weeks of every month
  • At least half of those headaches need to be accompanied by migraine symptoms for the patient to be considered a suitable candidate

The news comes as welcome relief to thousands of migraine sufferers across the UK. At least 1% of the population suffer from chronic headaches, and are unable to find an effective remedy.

Unfortunately, due to the sheer scale of sufferers in the UK, Botox injections are unlikely to become NHS procedure. Despite the potential for saving millions on expensive medications.

Doctor-owned and led clinic, Cosmedics, is one leading private company offering Botox for migraines in the UK.

However, Cosmedics’ Medical Director, Dr Perry will be advising sensible usage of Botox. He comments,

‘As doctors, we have to look at this holistically, examining the patient’s history of migraine and overall health.  If a patient has persistent migraine and has tried simpler and cheaper methods, then Botox injections can be a very good option.  If effective, they can provide relief for a number of months.’

Botox injections are available in all of Cosmedics’ clinics around London and Bristol.

For further information:

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