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Botulinum toxin has taken away the need for plastic surgery for people who want to maintain their youthful skin but not prepared to go under the knife and want a non wind tunnel look.

The popularity of botox has meant that new clinics have sprung up across England and the rest of the UK. The newspapers and media has reported the widespread  practice of non medical professionals carrying out these treatments with often disastrous results. These so called beauticians or aesthetic workers often has no training and no insurance or medical indemnity.

We would recommend that for any medical procedures however easy and quick as the marketing suggests should always be carried out by a medical professional who is ideally a doctor. This way you are covered should anything go wrong either during or after a treatment and the right course of follow up care would then be followed.

At Cosmedics Skin Clinics ALL our consultations and treatments are performed by UK qualified doctors with training and experience in all the procedures we offer.

Botox Costs

The cost of botox treatments has now stablised into two tiers of expense due to the treatments being offered by qualified doctors and those offered by nurses. At all our clinics our patients like the peace of mind that the person prescribing the treatment is also performing the treatment – ALL Botox at Cosmedics is prescribed and peformed by highly experienced and qualified doctors. It is this value in medical care that leads a lot of patients who have been elsewhere to say “I only wish I had come to you…” as the results are not as they expected or need attention to help correct a poor outcome.

Cosmedics Botox Costs

Our costs are based on a full doctors consultation in a medical setting / clinic with a full examination of the skin for sun damage and other ageing factors to give a professional assessement on the correct treatment to undertake. The botox costs are normally evaluated per area of treatment that is required. This is often split into 3 main areas:

  • the glabella or frown area ( most commonly treated area)
  • the forehead
  • around the sides of the eyes

Other areas include the bunny lines of the nose and sad smiles. Botox can also be used for stopping underarm sweating. See excessive sweating page for further information.

Price List

Prices for BOTOX® wrinkle injections depend on the number of areas to be treated with prices starting from £250.

Further information on our prices page. CALL 0207 3860464 for appointment with one of our doctors today or a fill in a CALL BACK REQUEST

BOTOX® Doctors

MEET the Botox doctors who will perform your treatments to see all their medical qualifications and experience.

Botox Clinic Prices

Prices of botox in London clinics are now relatively affordable compared to some years ago when patients were being charged up to £600 a session. Now with increased competition and more botox doctors than ever prices have come down.

Patients however need to be wary of clinics offering cheap botox that they have not researched or been recommended as poor results can still happen. Unfortunately some companies and practitioners offering Botox are not even medically qualified or experienced. It is sad to hear of patients who say:

“I only wish I had waited to see you”

“I wish I had never tried the cheap option as I regret every minute of that and have all my confidence taken away”.

Doctor-Led Clinics

Visit our safe medical clinics that offer peace of mind and security that you would expect from a medical procedure rather than some beauty practitioner ‘having a go’ with a prescription medication. Can other clinics say they have treated in excess of 3,000 patients on a yearly basis since 2003 when Cosmedics first started the non surgical rejuvenation clinics? We now have 5 botox clinics just in London with the City, Harley Street, Knightsbridge, Canary Wharf and Putney all proving very popular, plus a clinic in Bristol too. We now don’t treat other patients from other clinics who have had a poor cosmetic result as we feel if a clinic cannot fix its own cosmetic mistakes then they should not be doing these treatments. We advise all patients to research the background and the product in the same way they would research anything important as botox is a medical procedure and should be approached with respect and a certain amount of caution.

Botox Costs

Prices for BOTOX® wrinkle injections depend on the number of areas to be treated with prices starting from £250.

Further information on our prices page.

London Botox Clinic

Botox is derived from botulinum toxin and comes as a freeze dried product that needs to be diluted with sterile water to enable it to be injected. All our clinics have sterile facitilites and ensure safe disposal of sharps as well as adhering to the highest standards of infection control. Botox is used throughout the medical industry for other conditions such as excessive sweating, migraines, jaw lock, plantar faciatis and cervical neck spasm since the late 1970s and so has a safety profile that is proven over the last 30 years. Our London clinics offer:

Natural results YES

Doctors performing treatments YES

Medical safe environment YES

Competitive pricing and cost YES

Cosmedics have 5 London clinics specialising in botox injection treatments for anti-ageing and younger looking skin. All treatments are performed by cosmetic doctors who are UK trained and very experienced. Our ethos is to give a natural softer look without freezing the face. Most of our patients like the results to be noticeable but not such that friends or family notices they have had ‘work’ done.

Our botox clinics are located in Harley Street W1 close to Mayfair and Westminster. Our Knightsbridge clinic in SW3 is on the border of South Kensington and Chelsea with great access to local shopping. The Putney clinic is easily reached from neighbouring areas of Richmond, Twickenham, Chiswick and Barnes as well as direct train from Clapham and Battersea. We also have clinics in the financial districts for our City and Canary Wharf clinics.

The Cost of Botox

Botox is charged depending on the area/areas covered. Treatment costs from £250.

Book an appointment today or call 0207 386 0464

Botox Clinic Bristol

Botox is the number one wrinkle injection treatment.

Cosmedics’ botox clinic is located in the heart of Clifton, Bristol.

The treatments we most commonly offer botox for are lines and wrinkles around the eyes, frown and forehead areas. The results last for 4-5 months and are done in a subtle natural way so you look fresh and less tired. We also use botox injections for sweating particularly for underarm or armpit damp patches that can be so embarrassing.

All botox injections treatments are done by doctors who are GMC registered to ensure absolute safety and the highest medical standard.

Prices for Botox in Bristol

Botox for face anti ageing and underarm sweating problems are as below.The initial consultation with our doctors is free of charge.

Facial areas include the frown, forehead and eye lines


Prices for BOTOX® wrinkle injections depend on the number of areas to be treated, starting from £250.

Stop sweating treatment costs £500 for both underarms / armpits

Further information on Cosmedics treatment prices.

Other treatments available in Bristol

Dermal filler treatments are especially popular in combination with botox. They can be used to create an overall full face rejuvenation as the botox relaxes the underlying muscles and the wrinkles smooth out. For any remaining areas where the skin has lost some of its hyaluronic acid through wear and tear of natural ageing dermal fillers can help plump out these areas.

Clinic Location

Litfield House Medical Centre
1 Litfield Place
Clifton Down

Local areas: Clifton, Redlands, Clifton village, Frenchay, Avon

What our patients say

4.95 Average

330 Reviews

Rebecca D

Dr Vardy is fantastic, she talked me through each step of the procedure and I am incredibly happy with the results. I was a little nervous about it but she gave me great advice and is incredibly professional.

Posted 4 days ago

Grace M

Had a hydradermie facial done with Lydia and was very pleased with the service and professionalism I received from her. I would definitely recommend her as a racialist

Posted 5 days ago


Lovely doctor , explained all my options and we agreed on the best one for me. I had two moles removed on the same day as my appointment and I was done in twenty minutes. I would defiantly recommend Dr Vardy as the procedure was quick and painless

Posted 1 month ago


I had a small mole on the face that I was thinking of removing for a good few years. I had an appointment with Dr Todman and she and her assistant were very nice and professional, they explained everything I needed to know about the mole shaving treatment. I decided to do the treatment on the same day and it was the right decision. I am very happy with the result, the mole is removed and I dont have any scars. I highly recommend Dr Todman.

Posted 1 month ago


I have had a number of moles removed including one on my face that I was incredibly nervous about but I had no reason to be. Dr Perry did an excellent job of each one. I wouldn’t trust anyone else but him. Thank you Dr Perry!

Posted 1 month ago


I had my treatment for a mole to be removed on Tuesday 8th jan at the Bristol surgery and it was great. The mole centred on my forehead just between my eyes had been knocking my confidence for years but with in 20 mins it was gone,no pain and very little bleeding,4 days on it looks amazing,can’t wait to see it in another 4 weeks,thank you so much everyone x

Posted 1 month ago

Ann C

Excellent treatment and care

Posted 1 month ago

Monika k

Pain free treatment, very quick and the doctor was extremely nice and approachable.

Posted 2 months ago

Sally D

Very good experience. Extremely quick and easy. Dr. Vardy was very professional and made me feel completely reassured. Thank you!

Posted 3 months ago

Rachel B

Dr Vardy was warm and professional. She put me at ease immediately and the treatment was quick and effective. I’m very pleased with the result.

Posted 3 months ago


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