Bad Lip Jobs May Deter Fillers Clients


New research indicates that ‘over the top’ celebrity lip enhancement can deter many people who might otherwise be tempted. 

A survey of 1,000 women in the UK found that:

  • 63% would like to have fuller lips
  • 78% avoid getting injectable lip fillers with 60% citing the main reason as fear of overdone ‘trout pout’

Natural-Looking Lip Filler

The key is ‘less is more’. Using a relatively small amount of lip filler, doctors who specialise in natural lip enhancement fillers can achieve a flattering result. Fortunately, it is quite possible to achieve fuller looking lips which look natural, attractive and soft.

The team at Cosmedics Skin Clinics are specially trained in subtle yet effective lip filler techniques. They also use the latest top brand lip filler products which can be injected highly accurately and have a soft feel in use.

What’s more, all treatments are carried out by professional Aesthetic Doctors who have chosen to train in the latest methods and favour a flattering and natural-looking result.

Free Consultation

For those interested in injectable cosmetic treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections, facial filler or lip enhancement, Cosmedics offer a free consultation with a doctor to find out more.

The company offer a full range of cosmetic treatments, as well as medical treatments including mole removal, thread vein treatment and excessive sweating injections. The company has 5 clinics in London plus one in Bristol.

Call 020 7386 0464 or email to book an appointment.

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