All-in-One Treatment for Varicose and Thread Veins

Exclusive Tumescent Foam Sclerotherapy

At Cosmedics’ London Vein Centre


Cosmedics Skin Clinics has launched an exclusive new ‘all in one’ treatment which can get rid of large and small varicose veins as well as larger thread veins, all in a single treatment session. 

The ‘Tumescent Foam Sclerotherapy’ treatment was developed by Cosmedics Skin Clinics’ Vascular Surgeon, Mr Parameswaran Sridhar MBBS, FRCS.

Tumescent Foam Sclerotherapy

The treatment protocol includes two distinct techniques in order to get a more comprehensive result in just one session for legs with troublesome veins.  Treatments are:

  1. EVLA – endovenous laser ablation – which is the gold standard treatment for larger varicose veins in the legs
  2. Foam sclerotherapy – an injectable treatment which is suitable for smaller varicose veins and large thread veins

Carrying out the treatments in one single session means that a more thorough result can be achieved with less time, which is very attractive for patients.  Due to the combination of procedures, just one point of incision is required to treat all areas, which is more comfortable and leads to faster healing.  The combination approach also means that less foam agent is required, which again aids healing and also reduces the risk of any irritation and adverse reaction.

Cosmedics’ founder, Medical Director and Aesthetic Doctor, Dr Ross Perry MBBS explains:

“EVLA treatment has been shown to deliver a permanent success rate of 95.4%, which is fabulous news for those with varicose veins. However, this approach does not work for smaller varicose or larger thread veins and we find that many of our patients will have these alongside their main varicose veins.

“Complementing EVLA laser treatment with foam sclerotherapy means that we can treat a range of different types veins in one session, giving the patient a more thorough result. The advantages of combining the two procedures in one protocol also make it faster, more comfortable and convenient, as well as providing a faster recovery.

“This protocol is exclusive to Mr Sridhar, who treats patients at The London Vein Centre.”



Cosmedics Skin Clinics was established in 2003 and has built up an excellent reputation for cosmetic and medical treatments, carried out by GMC Registered Doctors.  The company offer a full range of cosmetic treatments, including popular lip enhancement and wrinkle relaxing injections, dermal fillers; plus medical treatments including mole removal, thread vein treatment and excessive sweating injections.

Cosmedics Skin Clinics was has a team of skin treatment doctors and surgeons in their 5 skin clinics across London and Bristol led by Dr Ross Perry.

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