Permanent Hair Removal

Electrolysis is the only medically approved form of permanent hair removal and has the longest known track record together with the most effective results for hair removal.

The advantage of electrolysis is that after treatment, the follicle is permanently destroyed, so the hair is unable to grow back.

Electrolysis Treatment

Electrolysis is performed by inserting an incredibly fine needle into the hair follicle. The electrolysis machine then sends a tiny amoutn of electrical current which through a combination of heat and chemical reaction, destroys the follicle and prevents regrowth.

Advantages of Electrolysis Treatment:

Compared to other hair removal methods:

  • It is less expensive than IPL or laser
  • It causes permanent destruction of the hair follicle, so results are excellent
  • It can be used on fine hair
  • Effective on light coloured hair
  • Ideal for facial hair e.g. top lip, chin, awkward hair on moles
  • Suitable for sensitive areas

Disadvantages of Electrolysis Treatment:

  • Treatment tackles a hair follicle at a time, so can be slow
  • Treatment needs to be repeated in a course in order to tackle each follicle at the correct stage in its growth cycle
  • For larger areas, you may consider laser hair removal or waxing - both of these are available at Beauty at Cosmedics in our Putney clinic

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Electrolysis Costs and Prices

Discounts are available on pre-booked courses of treatment. This option is recommended for best results, as electrolysis works on hair in the active growth phase. Costs of electrolysis depend on the size and area being treated. Electrolysis treatment prices are as follows:

Duration of Treatment Price
5 mins £15
10 mins £22.50
15 mins £30
20 mins £37.50
25 mins £45
30 mins £52.50
60 mins £98

Electrolysis hair removal treatment is available in our Putney clinic.

Does electrolysis hurt?

Electrolysis can be uncomfortable for some, but it is very subjective. During an electrolysis treatment a tiny sterile needle is inserted into the hair follicle. A small burst of electrical charge is released which causes a tingle, heat or stinging sensation.

Are there any side effects of treatment?

Correctly performed, electrolysis is very safe and effective. Expect a full consultation and medical history before treatment commences.

How long does a typical treatment last?

Treatments can vary from 10 minute appointments upwards, depending upon the size and sensitivitly of the area being treated.

Will all the be removed at my visit to the salon?

Electrolysis works by killing the active hair folliciles, so only the “present” hair can be treated. That is why a course of treatment is recommended, to tackle all follicles in the active phase. For larger areas, it may be advisable to split each session.

How do the results from laser compare to the results from electrolysis?

Like electrolysis, laser is very effective for removing unwanted hair. In fact, it is often a better option for larger areas, as treatment tackles a number of follicles at once, rather than just one. Electrolysis is the only “medically proven” permanent method of hair removal.

When treatment not be advisable?

Electrolysis should only be performed on a healthy skin. If there are skin conditions causing disruption e.g. cold sores, eczema or active acne, then treatment may be postponed. In some cases the electrologist may liaise with your Doctor before commencing any treatment.

After treatment,  your skin may be sensitive with open follicles, so good aftercare is vital to good healing.

For the first 48 hours, these guidelines are important:

  1. Keep the treated area very clean
  2. Wash your hands before applying the aftercare product
  3. Avoid soap or perfumed products
  4. Avoid sun exposure – use SPF30+ at all times
  5. Avoid touching the area
  6. Do not “pick” the area
  7. Do not swim or use steam rooms/saunas etc
  8. Avoid further heat treatments or skin treatments
  9. Wash hands and apply aftercare product to the area using fresh cotton wool


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